Sunday, May 25, 2014

Poem: Deep Valley (May 5, 2104)

Deep Valley 

To Grand Canyon
beneath us four wheels were spinning
one of us was driving and it was never me
bright heat from right side at the right seat
supposedly I didn’t know what I was going to see
we learned long time ago all things are connected
an ocean bacteria to my fingernail
but, some are connected closer, like my cats and I
and, what does it mean Las Vegas is close
to Grand Canyon?
God and Gambling,
Christmas and Toysrus, A bride at Cajino  
I tell myself nothing is real at least a few times a day
we learned long time ago all are derived from nature  
even this and that, money and love
    Anything too big confuses me so I turned my eyes
to crows; they were shining black like my original hair color  
their beaks were sharp and dangerously harmful  
their eyes for food were greedy and violent
like a murder-for-husband’s insurance money!
    Cliches are fun and wild, makes me confused
17 million years ago? if I could drop a piece of paper
with my poem written on, into the Deeply Valley; then what?
crows are waiting for food, and I tell myself
I am I am.  
    Only tour buses can travel around there
but, I don’t need anymore freedom
for it is too large to see (and I cannot drive yet)  
I don’t know where to see and where to go
but, I see far away, and further away-
(that was my Grand Canyon)

May 5, 2104

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