Sunday, May 25, 2014

Poem: For My Religion (February 9, 2014)

For My Religion

I know I meet my fate
but, the fate is now-
and now is so ambiguous  
like an unreceived message
someone meant to sent me
but seems to be forgotten
Looking for a belief
is like love bonded by a fragile thread
It hurts, agitates and wakes me   

I believe
the stripe, dot, color, touch of animal hair
is authentic fashion
my cats’ beautiful eyes
pigeons’ poops around subway stations
deers’ population change depending on how much human hunt them  
hungry bears coming down from the mountain to attack people
all these seem unstoppably real

I die for something
but it doesn’t mean that something is true
the truth does not go away no matter what-
What’s it?
The world is perhaps despicable
because they and I are selfish and ugly  
I am probably happy-
But, why am I?
The moment I believe
I cannot write well
I am ceased not to write
The moment I believe
I and my life are worthless
I wish to disappear into air
So far, I am not totally convinced
by any of these

My skepticism
be kind to me
please be ready
for my life that will probably never end

February 9, 2014

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