Friday, May 30, 2014

Poem: Heartbroken (May 30, 2014)

the shuttered time
had cracked
my heart already
then, some communication
hammered it
I stopped everything
including my breath
my passageway in throat
was constricted-
a narrow narrow line for air
so I wouldn’t die from it now
but, why not die?
then, the night came
my agony
choked my throat
then, I was afraid of
including my ugliness
my misbehavior and misunderstanding  
my greed
time passes like
a whipping punishment   
putting pieces of memory
together to make a
paint like Gogh’s  
too real to my mind
but no way to understand

I couldn’t take morning light,
throwing up the water I drunk
the sadness’ panic
I sat and closed my eyes
I heard  
there is a different world of mind
from my mind
I only know that.
my face was numb
my hands moved quickly
to get ready
trying to carry myself
to the world
that I was getting ready
for now  
but why?

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